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Scenes from a Pyramid Scheme

Compulsive necessity For irregular consumption Divine manifestation Of opulent corruption Embezzle from justice Pedaling glitz with a Hammer Smashing through hearts With blatant disregard Taste of the weak Cycles of status Internal rot Self-destruct timer Emptied souls Grasp violently For relevance And adoration Tip of the pyramid Singular vision Ruthless ascent Chaotic demise Time will … Continue reading Scenes from a Pyramid Scheme

Electronic Division: or how I learned to discard the noise and remember humanity

Human centrifuge Electronic division Protons magnetize Swirling conscious Structural elements Breaking down Negative Vortex Carrion humanity Reaching collective Hives of despair Psychological war The veil is torn Explosive waves Colliding particles Terrorizing reality Deterioration game From unfathomable Universal space Consciousness collecting In abstract forms Sadistic creation Coalescing the storm It’s all just froth Building to … Continue reading Electronic Division: or how I learned to discard the noise and remember humanity

Fields of the Undesired

Awakening in the dirt Slow rise to consciousness Dried earth devoid of nutrients Roots grasping for a hold Grey Clouds drifting over A dying sun and washed out atmosphere Vast tracts of decay A planet so populated And diverse, yet helpless To surrounding desolation Scarce resources, struggle For each breathe of air Every piece of … Continue reading Fields of the Undesired

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Pronounced: Dirge-generate – slow moving, counterculture loving human trying to keep some semblance of sanity while raging against tradition and Anglo-religious moral coding which is not inclusive or free minded.