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Fields of the Undesired

Awakening in the dirt Slow rise to consciousness Dried earth devoid of nutrients Roots grasping for a hold Grey Clouds drifting over A dying sun and washed out atmosphere Vast tracts of decay A planet so populated And diverse, yet helpless To surrounding desolation Scarce resources, struggle For each breathe of air Every piece of … Continue reading Fields of the Undesired

Doubtful Data

Focused analysis There was once a time Everything felt right Youthful wisdom Slight arrogance All computations Constants Remain All considerations As time will pass Affected constants Unexpected variants Could not foresee What has come to be Constrained situation With concrete expectations All considerations Confounded expectations I’ve found failure Consequential to Imperative success

Discarded Altruism

Suffer Gladly Suffer Madly Suffer feeling intervention divine Suffer crossing over the blue line Power and authority are offers Of society to give our community order, hierarchy Elected or hired, armed with Words or fire As soon as you break our trust You’ll be conquered with desire See you dethroned See you removed Stains on … Continue reading Discarded Altruism

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Pronounced: Dirge-generate – slow moving, counterculture loving human trying to keep some semblance of sanity while raging against tradition and Anglo-religious moral coding which is not inclusive or free minded.