Empathetic Decline

The emotions so visceral, malleable and overflowing

no ones cup can contain all the variations

complications and mounting darkness

Stab to the eye, twist of the knife

Shot through the back, bleeding to die

Leaving the lie, get back to life

Listening from too many

But can you not to hear

those speaking in your ear

Take a fall or take it all

So you wanna destroy the universe?

Take time, build or decline

So you wanna smash it all to bits?

Could you shed a fucking tear

Could you take back the bullets

Could you stand back from a fight

Of flailing tempers of immaturity

Taking on the baggage, leaving alone the masses

A virus, they’ll infect you more in time, if passes

Breaking black mirrors to find

everyone’s hurt and trying

killing dark passengers

Blades and bullets flying

The more you leave them all in the wake

The easier to live with distaste

bitter sour bites of misanthropy

consuming disco pulse of apathy

Could you open your eyes

Could you stop before death

Could you admit that stupid bullshit

is a form of rotten theft

Could you hold your hands back

Shout to the death till theres nothing left

what humans accomplish, Births misanthropia

It’s alright, save the hate

you werent expecting this

Love to the individuals

And Loath to the collective

The collective are the individuals

If you don’t stop and look around

You cut the throat of someone

Who isn’t of your love

But is the same as your love

Take time and space

Or seal your fate

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