Scenes from a Pyramid Scheme

Compulsive necessity

For irregular consumption

Divine manifestation

Of opulent corruption

Embezzle from justice

Pedaling glitz with a


Smashing through hearts

With blatant disregard

Taste of the weak

Cycles of status

Internal rot

Self-destruct timer

Emptied souls

Grasp violently

For relevance

And adoration

Tip of the pyramid

Singular vision

Ruthless ascent

Chaotic demise

Time will see the fall

Of your castle walls

Tectonic shift

Crumble, crumble

The mice will move on

The crumbs will gather

Wealth is fleeting

Gather popcorn for disaster

The backs on which

You built your wealth

Eventually shift to

Destroy what you haven’t built

Electronic Division: or how I learned to discard the noise and remember humanity

Human centrifuge

Electronic division

Protons magnetize

Swirling conscious

Structural elements

Breaking down

Negative Vortex

Carrion humanity

Reaching collective

Hives of despair

Psychological war

The veil is torn

Explosive waves

Colliding particles

Terrorizing reality

Deterioration game

From unfathomable

Universal space

Consciousness collecting

In abstract forms

Sadistic creation

Coalescing the storm

It’s all just froth

Building to explode

Could we perceive and respond

Give room for dignity

Or by some grim chance is

Misanthropia the only country left

I refuse to believe all the flags are real

Disperse the static, focus on the reveal

Individuals are the apex

Groups are the nadir

Yearning for a collective effort

Of individuals living without fear

Fields of the Undesired

Awakening in the dirt

Slow rise to consciousness

Dried earth devoid of nutrients

Roots grasping for a hold

Grey Clouds drifting over

A dying sun and

washed out atmosphere

Vast tracts of decay

A planet so populated

And diverse, yet helpless

To surrounding desolation

Scarce resources, struggle

For each breathe of air

Every piece of creation touched

By a hand tainted by greed

Trees lay in rot, infested

And festering

Bare of fruit or blossoming

In decay

These fields they breed

Cast aside, unwanted

As long as there’s breath

Fields will reap and sow

We are all in the fields

The fields are us all

When the grasp is slipping

Gain strength like the storm

A longing inside for a

Familiar sense of warmth

Time to regain power

Fields of the undesired

Doubtful Data

Focused analysis

There was once a time

Everything felt right

Youthful wisdom

Slight arrogance

All computations

Constants Remain

All considerations

As time will pass

Affected constants

Unexpected variants

Could not foresee

What has come to be

Constrained situation

With concrete expectations

All considerations

Confounded expectations

I’ve found failure

Consequential to

Imperative success

Discarded Altruism

Suffer Gladly

Suffer Madly

Suffer feeling intervention divine

Suffer crossing over the blue line

Power and authority are offers

Of society

to give our community order, hierarchy

Elected or hired, armed with

Words or fire

As soon as you break our trust

You’ll be conquered with desire

See you dethroned

See you removed

Stains on existence

Future in ruin

Further Tainting our roots

With delusions, instead of truth

Every good side has a bad

Every sunrise, meets a dawn

You’re not 100% wrong

But not even 10% correct

Complaint of disorder

Complaint of disrespect

Egomaniacal and covered in flies

You’re promises are deceptions

You’re platform based on lives

Sacrifice for them and you’ll see

The master plan

It’s unfolding forever until the powerful

Few have us all within their hand

Resist disinformation

Search inside your soul

Contemplate your hand

Before it’s taking hold

Of bullets, knives, torches and flags

True humanity lies in saving

What good is done without command

Cradle your spirit deep in your mind

Don’t look outside for answers

That can be found deep inside

If you crave to murder, lie, cheat and steal

There’s scum in power giving you a wheel to steer

If you use it against your neighbors then there’s nothing to fear

Until you’ve driven too far and the masks unveiled


Beating the chest

To prove who’s best

Violence and fire

Mortal desires

Disastrous consequences

Stem from brutal trenches

Unused mental sequences

Superficial differences

Archetypical responses

Locked in flesh hair boxes

Callous visions gleaned

Exhibition of the obscene

Gymnastic routine

Mental exercises

Primates may mature

Survival through war

Compassion and heart

Can be left on the floor

Impetuous trampling

Will you let them…

Kill the beat

Back to your feet

Kill the beat

Back to your feet

Seemingly never ending slaughter

Taking mothers, brothers, sisters and fathers

If we cease the drive

None will survive

Primal response

At what cost

Built around rules

Made by fools

All lives matter

Falls on deaf ears

With eyes blinded

By blood splatter

Post script: A small breathe of relief for the verdict delivered today. We as humans must be in it for the long haul. Always exercise compassion and perspective in your daily life. These tools can be powerful weapons. The only way to combat wrong or evil is to avoid reacting to it and instead respond as a well intentioned human. This is much easier said than done but being human on this world is not easy! Suffering is inevitable and to try and to try and minimize it in any way is truly virtuous.

Yes we must do for ourselves, as we cannot trust anyone to live or make decisions for us, but without humanity we are all on islands without bridges. We are all primates trying to ascend to higher states of existence…