Beating the chest

To prove who’s best

Violence and fire

Mortal desires

Disastrous consequences

Stem from brutal trenches

Unused mental sequences

Superficial differences

Archetypical responses

Locked in flesh hair boxes

Callous visions gleaned

Exhibition of the obscene

Gymnastic routine

Mental exercises

Primates may mature

Survival through war

Compassion and heart

Can be left on the floor

Impetuous trampling

Will you let them…

Kill the beat

Back to your feet

Kill the beat

Back to your feet

Seemingly never ending slaughter

Taking mothers, brothers, sisters and fathers

If we cease the drive

None will survive

Primal response

At what cost

Built around rules

Made by fools

All lives matter

Falls on deaf ears

With eyes blinded

By blood splatter

Post script: A small breathe of relief for the verdict delivered today. We as humans must be in it for the long haul. Always exercise compassion and perspective in your daily life. These tools can be powerful weapons. The only way to combat wrong or evil is to avoid reacting to it and instead respond as a well intentioned human. This is much easier said than done but being human on this world is not easy! Suffering is inevitable and to try and to try and minimize it in any way is truly virtuous.

Yes we must do for ourselves, as we cannot trust anyone to live or make decisions for us, but without humanity we are all on islands without bridges. We are all primates trying to ascend to higher states of existence…

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