Discarded Altruism

Suffer Gladly

Suffer Madly

Suffer feeling intervention divine

Suffer crossing over the blue line

Power and authority are offers

Of society

to give our community order, hierarchy

Elected or hired, armed with

Words or fire

As soon as you break our trust

You’ll be conquered with desire

See you dethroned

See you removed

Stains on existence

Future in ruin

Further Tainting our roots

With delusions, instead of truth

Every good side has a bad

Every sunrise, meets a dawn

You’re not 100% wrong

But not even 10% correct

Complaint of disorder

Complaint of disrespect

Egomaniacal and covered in flies

You’re promises are deceptions

You’re platform based on lives

Sacrifice for them and you’ll see

The master plan

It’s unfolding forever until the powerful

Few have us all within their hand

Resist disinformation

Search inside your soul

Contemplate your hand

Before it’s taking hold

Of bullets, knives, torches and flags

True humanity lies in saving

What good is done without command

Cradle your spirit deep in your mind

Don’t look outside for answers

That can be found deep inside

If you crave to murder, lie, cheat and steal

There’s scum in power giving you a wheel to steer

If you use it against your neighbors then there’s nothing to fear

Until you’ve driven too far and the masks unveiled

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