Fields of the Undesired

Awakening in the dirt

Slow rise to consciousness

Dried earth devoid of nutrients

Roots grasping for a hold

Grey Clouds drifting over

A dying sun and

washed out atmosphere

Vast tracts of decay

A planet so populated

And diverse, yet helpless

To surrounding desolation

Scarce resources, struggle

For each breathe of air

Every piece of creation touched

By a hand tainted by greed

Trees lay in rot, infested

And festering

Bare of fruit or blossoming

In decay

These fields they breed

Cast aside, unwanted

As long as there’s breath

Fields will reap and sow

We are all in the fields

The fields are us all

When the grasp is slipping

Gain strength like the storm

A longing inside for a

Familiar sense of warmth

Time to regain power

Fields of the undesired

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