Electronic Division: or how I learned to discard the noise and remember humanity

Human centrifuge

Electronic division

Protons magnetize

Swirling conscious

Structural elements

Breaking down

Negative Vortex

Carrion humanity

Reaching collective

Hives of despair

Psychological war

The veil is torn

Explosive waves

Colliding particles

Terrorizing reality

Deterioration game

From unfathomable

Universal space

Consciousness collecting

In abstract forms

Sadistic creation

Coalescing the storm

It’s all just froth

Building to explode

Could we perceive and respond

Give room for dignity

Or by some grim chance is

Misanthropia the only country left

I refuse to believe all the flags are real

Disperse the static, focus on the reveal

Individuals are the apex

Groups are the nadir

Yearning for a collective effort

Of individuals living without fear

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